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You can pay by prepayment via bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna Pay Now, Klarna Pay Later, Klarna Slice it, Bancontact, eps-Überweisung or iDEAL. You can find more information at Payment and shipping.

If you have chosen prepayment by bank transfer, please transfer the entire amount to the account number specified in the confirmation email. The account details will also be displayed after the purchase in the checkout. Please indicate your order number as reason for payment, so that we can allocate your payment as quickly as possible. As soon as we have received the payment, we will ship your order.

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Delivery times depend on the delivery address. Usually, shipping within Germany takes 1-2 days. Within the EU you can expect an average of 3-4 days.
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number so you always know where your order is.

For delivery within Germany we charge a flat rate of 4,90€ per order. From an order value of 29,99€ we deliver within Germany for free.

For deliveries within Europe we charge a flat rate of 12,99€ per order. From an order value of 100€ we also deliver here for free.

You can also find more information about delivery at Payment and shipping.

We deliver to the following countries:

the Netherlands

We will ship your order via UPS.

App & Smart home

First download the compatible ZACO app from the AppStore or PlayStore.

ZACOHome App: A11sPro, A10, A9sPro, A9sPro White Edition, M1S, W450, V5x, V85, V6
ZACORobot App: A9s, A8s, V85 (until mid 2021), V5x (until mid 2021)
ZACO Smart App A10 Pro, V5 Max

Add your robot and start the network connection.

Establish a wifi connection:
To connect your robot to the ZACO app, simply follow the steps below from the respective manual (PDF):

ZACOHome App Manual Android
ZACOHome App Manual iOS

ZACORobot App Manual

Note: The robot can only connect to 2.4GHz WiFi.
Please also note that the Wi-Fi password must not be longer than 16 characters. Otherwise, connection problems may occur with some routers.

  1. Set your robot to 'On' at the toggle switch. Important - The robot must not stand on the charging station!
  2. Confirm that you have turned on your robot.
  3. Activate the robot's Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is activated by pressing the AP network distribution button on the robot for 3 seconds until a buzzing sound is heard. The Wi-Fi indicator will begin to flash.
  4. Select your WiFi and add the password (check if the password is correct).
  5. Connect the robot: Click on 'Settings' and select the robot network "adh..." or "robot...".
  6. Then click on 'Start connection'.
  7. Stay in the ZACO app until the connection is successfully established.
  8. Connection successful! Now you can give your robot a name.

If you've followed all the steps above and your robot still won't connect to WiFi, please remove all special characters (for example: . : , ; - / +) from your WiFi name and try again. Please note that all network devices must be reconnected after the change. If, despite everything, there are still difficulties or if you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact our ZACO customer service directly turn and you will be helped.

Here you can find an overview of which models are compatible with which ZACO app:

ZACOHome App: A11s Pro, A10, A9sPro, A9sPro White Edition, M1S, W450, V5x, V85, V6
ZACORobot App: A9s, A8s, V85 (until mid 2021), V5x (until mid 2021)

ZACO Smart App: A10 Pro, V5 Max>br>
To be really sure, check the MAC-ID of your robot. You can find it on the silver sticker behind the dust bin or water tank. Remove the dust bin or mopping module and, in the case of the A11s Pro, A10, A9sPro, A9s, A8s, V85 and V80 models, also turn the robot upside down.

  1. First, please log in with your ZACO account. Then add your robot in the ZACO app.
  2. Download the 'Amazon Alexa' app from the App Store or PlayStore.
  3. Log in to the 'Amazon Alexa' app with your Amazon account.
  4. Please add your Amazon Alexa device to your account.
  5. Then click on 'Browse Skill
  6. Search for your ZACO app (ZACOHome or ZACORobot app) in the 'Browse Skills' function and activate it.
  7. For activation, please log in with your robot connected ZACO account.
  8. After that, your robot can be operated with Alexa voice control.

Models Alexa Skill
A9s, A8s (purchase date until approx. mid-2021), V85 (purchase date until approx. mid-2021), V5x (purchase date until approx. mid-2021) ZACO robot
M1s, A11s Pro ZACO Home Control
A10 Pro, V5 Max Smart Life Skill
A8s, A9s Pro, A10, V5x, V6, V85 ZACOHome

Note: This function is available for robots compatible with the ZACO Smart or ZACOHome app (A11s Pro, A10, A10 Pro, A9sPro, V5x, V5 Max, V6, V85, W450).

  1. First, log in with your ZACO account. Then add your robot in the ZACO Smart or ZACOHome app.
  2. Download the 'Google Home' app from the App Store or PlayStore.
  3. Log in to the Google Home app with your Google account.
  4. Add your Google Home device to your account.
  5. Click on 'Compatible with Google devices' to connect your ZACO robot with Google.
  6. Search for the ZACO Smart or ZACOHome app in the 'Compatible with Google devices' function and select it.
  7. To activate, log in with your robot connected ZACO Smart or ZACOHome account.
  8. After that, you can control your robot with Google Home.
    Your linked robots will be displayed automatically and you can choose between them. Enjoy!

Note: The name of the robot is equal to the command name.
In the ZACOHome and ZACO Smart app you can change the name of your robot under Settings_Your Robot_ Reset name.

No, the ZACO robots are unfortunately not yet compatible with Apple HomeKit at this time.

The ZACOHome app or the ZACO Robot app is not designed for tablets and therefore cannot function on them.

If you have problems with your robot and contact customer service, you may be asked for the MAC ID of your robot. You can find this MAC ID on the silver sticker behind the dust bin or mopping module. Remove the dust bin or mopping module and turn the robot upside down for the models A11s Pro, A10, A9sPro, A9s, A8s, V85 and V80 . On the V6 model, the sticker is located next to the dust bin.

Want to share cleaning schedules and room-specific mapping (A9sPro model and up) with your family, partner or roommate in the app?

Share QR-Code:

  1. Log in to the corresponding ZACO app  – ZACOHome App (A11s Pro, A10, A9sPro, A9sPro White Edition, M1S, W450, V5x, V85, V6) or ZACO Robot App (A9s, A8s, V85 (until mid 2021), V5x (until mid 2021)) oder ZACO Smart App (A10 Pro, V5 Max)
    and add your robot.
  2. Click on "My Account" (avatar on the "My Robot" page in the upper right corner).
  3. Click on "Share a device". Select the robot model you want to share.
    Now the QR code for sharing is displayed.

Scan QR-Code:

  1. Register or log in with your ZACO account in the ZACO app.
  2. Click on "My Account" (avatar on the "My Robot" page in the upper right corner).
  3. Click on "Scan". Now scan the displayed QR code from the other smartphone.

Done! Now you share a ZACO robot and its control.

In the ZACO Smart App families can be created with whom the robots can be shared.

You just unpacked your new A10 and want your ZACO robot to clean in a planned and precise room-specific way?
For this purpose, a map is created in the ZACOHome app.
How to do it?
Here you can find a video about it:

ZACOHome map creation

For data protection reasons, the maps are only saved temporarily and are deleted regularly. If the robot is used regularly, your maps will always remain visible.

For robotic vacuum cleaners that are compatible with the ZACOHome app, the speed of the side brushes can be adjusted. For very fine dust, a faster speed is more suitable, and for coarser dirt, a low side brush speed.

To change the speed, click on your robot in the app and then on the three bars in the upper right corner. From there you will be taken to the settings page, where you can choose between 1% and 100% under "Side brush speed".

For normal house cleaning, we recommend a speed of about 20%.

Maintenance & Repair

To maintain a long-lasting cleaning performance, the regular care and cleaning of your robot is very important.

Therefore, clean the dust bin or mopping module after each use of your robot and remove hair from the side and main brushes if necessary. If long hairs have wrapped themselves around the brushes and wheels, simply pull them off carefully with the enclosed cleaning tool.
If you have long hair, it may be necessary to cut the hairs with scissors first. You can then brush remaining hairs and dust out of the suction shaft with the enclosed cleaning tool.
Hint: Possible fraying of the side brushes can be significantly reduced by using warm water. This makes them more durable!

The robot can be carefully wiped with a warm cleaning cloth. The microfiber cloths should be washed at 60° in the washing machine after each cleaning process.

Periodically tap out the particulate filter over a trash can or away from home (note: do not clean with water) and replace as needed.

Also, make sure your robot's sensors are clean so as not to limit its precision and orientation.

For better clarity, we of course have a video for you on the care and cleaning of your ZACO robot.

If a part of your ZACO robot stops working, this is no reason to give up on your household helper.

As the European distributor of ZACO robots we can offer you the following:

  • Sending the required spare parts and/or a repair service at our headquarters.
  • Repair by our technical support team.

In both cases we ask you to contact our ZACO customer service beforehand.
Many cases can already be solved quickly with a direct contact person and we can clarify in advance to what extent repair costs will be incurred.

The Repair is free of charge, if your ZACO robot is within the warranty period.
ZACO models purchased since 2020 have a warranty period of 3 years (after successful registration) – otherwise the ZACO robots have a warranty period of 2 years. Batteries are exempt from this and have a warranty period of 12 months. Please note the ZACO warranty conditions.

Flat-rate cost of repair (incl. VAT):
Note: These will apply if your robot was purchased from another distributor or your robot is out of warranty.
Shipping fee: €9.99 (outbound and return)
Repair flat rate: 39,99 €
Cost of spare parts needed

1. Turn the robot over and either first remove the screw or remove the side brushes with a click
2. Then take out the side brush and remove the dirt and adhering hair from the brush
3. Now put the side brush back in and screw it tight.

Due to the ongoing household help of your robot, it needs regular maintenance and even spare parts from time to time.

These can be easily reordered online or can also be requested individually from our friendly customer service.
Due to an existing warranty (3 years; except batteries: 12 months) there is of course also the possibility to get needed spare parts replaced.

The following spare parts can be requested from our ZACO customer service or ordered directly online:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Fine particle filters
  • Side & main brushes
  • Bristle brushes & rubber slat brushes
  • Remotes
  • Cleaning tools
  • Protective films and skins
  • InvisibleWall transmitter
  • Dust bins and mopping modules
  • (Additional) batteries
  • Vacuum motor
  • Charging station and charging cable
  • Side and main wheels
  • Holder for the microfiber cloth

To learn how to replace your robot's battery yourself, check out these step-by-step video tutorials:

A-series battery replacement

V-series battery replacement

To learn how you can replace the bumper of your robot, you can watch this video tutorial:

Bumper replacement

To replace the locking mechanism from the V5x, V5sPro or V3sPro model, watch the following video tutorial:

Closing mechanism replacement

You can see how to replace the side brush motor in this video tutorial:

Replace side brush motor

You can see how to replace the drive wheel in this video tutorial:/p>

Replace drive wheel

Behaviour of the robot vacuum

Possible reasons:

  • Fully charge your robot at its charging station before initial cleaning.
  • Check if the toggle switch on the side of the robot is set to "On".
    Only when the main power switch is on, your ZACO robot can start cleaning.
  • Remote control: Check if batteries have been inserted into the remote control and that they have sufficient power.
  • Check that the charging station is connected to the power supply.
    Hint: The robot can also be charged directly with the charging cable. The charging station is not mandatory for most models.

    If your robot does not start despite these possible reasons, contact our ZACO customer service directly – we will find an individual solution for this.

Possible reasons:

  • The ZACO vacuuming and mopping robots have the strong cleaning mode MAX. Here, this independently increases the suction power to remove heavier dirt. The increased motor speed automatically makes the ZACO louder.
  • After prolonged use, the filters (particle filter, fine particle filter and possibly the sponge) can become so dirty that the air can no longer flow through them well. In this case, you can tap out the fine particle filter over a trash can (caution: do not clean with water) or replace it with a new one.
  • Check for hair or debris caught between the wheels and brushes. Remove them to give your robot a smooth and quiet run.
  • For the robot models with ZACO App you can turn the voice prompts of your robot down or off. To do this go to Settings_Voice prompts_Volume control and adjust the volume.

Some reasons why the ZACO vacuum robot suddenly stops could be:

  • Dust container full
  • Dirt in the gearbox
  • Battery empty
  • dirty sensors, robot could constantly detect an obstacle
  • If your robot's side brushes have stopped turning, it's likely the brushes blocked
    or need to be cleaned.
    Check whether hair is tangled in it or whether other things are caught. If that doesn't help, your robot's side brush motor may be defective.
    If you accept this, please contact our customer service.

    To check if the charging station is defective, please connect the power supply directly to the robot (for selected models only) and toggle the toggle switch from (1) to (0). Then let the robot charge for a few hours (3-4). If your vacuum robot is then charged, the charging station is defective.

    If your ZACO robot is in the warranty period, you will receive the corresponding spare part from us. Please contact our ZACO customer service.
    ZACO models purchased from 2020 have a warranty period of 3 years (after successful registration) - otherwise, the ZACO robots have a warranty period of 2 years. Batteries are excluded from this. These have a warranty period of 12 months. Please note the ZACO warranty conditions.

    Outside of the warranty period, you can purchase a new charging station or power supply at Accessories reorder spare parts.

    Possible reasons could be:

  • the distance of 1.5m around the charging station is not given
  • contaminated sensors
  • The robot is too far away from the charging station
  • There are too many obstacles around the charging station.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner equipped with cliff sensors work with infrared light beams. These require a reflection to determine that floor is present. Dark floor, respectively also carpets, absorb light like the infrared light. Thus, no signal reaches the robot and it can no longer navigate properly. Since the robot's main priority is to protect itself from falling, it then backs up.

    In case of some problems, the robot will draw attention to itself with an acoustic signal:

    Option 1: very short tone = wheels or side brushes need to be checked.
    Option 2: medium tone = Cliff sensor needs to be cleaned or shock absorbers should be shaken slightly and checked for foreign objects.
    Option 3: solid tone = The main body is blocked and needs to be moved and restarted.


    ZACO models purchased from 2020 onwards have a warranty period of 3 years (after registration) – otherwise the ZACO robots have a warranty period of 2 years. Please note the ZACO warranty conditions.

    Batteries are excluded from this. These have a warranty period of 12 months.

    The fact that your order was canceled can have several reasons. Either you asked us to do so, the item is no longer in stock or our system has detected signs of a fraud attempt. If the latter is the case and it was obviously misjudged, please place a new order and choose the payment method "prepayment via bank transfer".

    In addition to the user manual included in the scope of delivery, you can also find it digitally HERE.

    To significantly increase the mopping performance, we have some tips for you here:

    • Remove small objects such as toys and cords from the floor and put up what could prevent your robot from cleaning.
    • Let your ZACO robot vacuum your apartment before mopping.
    • Dampen the microfiber cloth before cleaning to achieve efficient cleaning across the entire area.
    • For robot models with app control, you can adjust the amount of water. You can find this function in the "Settings" under "Water level control". You can choose between Soft, Standard and Strong.
      For a parquet floor, we recommend the Gentle setting. For stubborn stains, the Strong setting makes sense.
    • After mopping, clean the mopping module thoroughly with warm water and wash the microfiber cloth in the washing machine at 60°C.

    In order to keep the device permanently ready for use, the charging station should always be connected and the robot should be placed on it.

    LiDAR emits a laser beam and measures the time it takes for the beam to reflect off an object and return to the sensor. These measurements create detailed 3D views of the environment. Your data will only be used for navigation.

    All ZACO robot vacuum models are equipped with fall protection sensors that prevent the robot from falling down stairs. Therefore, please always make sure to keep the sensors on the underside of the robot clean.

    Create your personalised cleaning plan in just a few steps! Choose your favourite mode - vacuuming, mopping or both. Adjust the suction power, from silent to turbo, and set the water level as required: low, medium or high. This is how you create your customised cleaning plan!

    When nothing else works

    Contact us:

    Tel.: 00800 - 423 77 961
    Mo-Fr 10am - 6pm


    If it should really come to the point that your ZACO robot can no longer perform its service, then simply contact us directly.

    You can reach us by e-mail at
    or of course by phone under 00800 - 423 77 961 (Mo-Fr 10am - 6pm)

    Please notice: Even if you send us back a defective device - which we of course always accept - please send an email to first.

    We will make every effort to repair your defective robot as soon as possible, or we will replace it with a new one, if necessary.

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