Mopping robot

    Mopping is not your thing? Then discover our ZACO mopping robots! Use your free time and let our clean mopping robots hygienically clean your hard floors, parquet and tiles. For a more thorough cleaning of your home!

    Pure mopping robots for clean floors

    Would you like to learn more about mopping robots? We explain everything you need to know about these small, practical household helpers and what you should look out for when buying them.

    1. What is a mop robot?
    2. What are the advantages of mopping robots?
    3. How do robot mops work?
      1. 3.1 Thorough mopping
      2. 3.2 Navigation and sensors
      3. 3.3 Collision avoidance and fall protection
      4. 3.4 Simple control with remote, app or voice command
      5. 3.5 What is the advantage of pure mopping robots?
    4. Buy a floor mopping robot: which one is the best?
      1. 4.1 Robot mop, robot vacuum or vacuuming and mopping robot?
      2. 4.2 Battery life or cleaning time
      3. 4.3 Carpet detection is a must
      4. 4.4 Useful for allergy sufferers
      5. 4.5 Value for money
    5. Cleaning your mopping robot
    6. FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about our ZACO mopping robots

    1. What is a mop robot?

    A robot mop is usually a small, round, low-height mopping robot.

    It drives automatically through the apartment and cleans hard floors such as tiles and wooden floors by wiping with a damp cloth. In this way, even sticky and stubborn dirt can be thoroughly removed.

    With its flat design and low height, it can also clean under hard-to-reach places such as the floors under furniture. This relieves you of annoying household chores because you no longer have to mop by hand. And you have more free time for the pleasant things in life.

    2. What advantages do mopping robots offer?

    Mopping robots relieve you of the tedious task of mopping your floors and you have more time to relax and do other things. Due to their small size, they can also get under sofas and other furniture that is difficult for you to reach.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Hygienic cleaning: All hard floors are cleaned with a streak-free and hygienic mop with a damp cloth.
    • Separate fresh water and dirt water tanks: Thanks to separate tanks, floors are only mopped with fresh water from the tank. Dirty water is picked up again and sucked into a separate extra tank.
    • Adjustable amount of water and power: The amount of water used as well as the travel and roller speed can be adjusted. According to your needs.
    • Low height: Easy to clean thanks to the flat design, even under hard-to-reach furniture such as sofas or cupboards.
    • Many setting options: Depending on the device, features such as cleaning modes (spot, path, area), cleaning plans and timers, no-go zones and invisible wall (virtual walls).
    • Carpet avoidance and self-drying function: Carpets are bypassed and the floor dries quickly because cleaning water is absorbed.
    • Automatic charging: Automatically drive back to the charging station for charging.
    • Easy operation: Directly on the device, via remote control, app or voice command (Alexa & Google Home).
    • You have more time for yourself - no annoying house cleaning!

    3. How do mopping robots work?

    Pure mopping robots don't only mop your floors automatically. They are full of modern technology to make your life as easy as possible. In the following, we would like to introduce you to some interesting features of mopping robots.

    3.1 Thorough mopping

    Floor mopping robots can thoroughly mop your floors and do the work that you don't want to do.

    Thanks to the adjustable amount of water, they are suitable for all hard floors, from tiles to PVC and parquet to laminate. Since they absorb their mopping water again, moisture-sensitive floors dry quickly and do not swell.

    With practical cleaning functions such as the spot function, stubborn and dried-in stains can also be removed. For hygienically clean floors.

    3.2 Navigation and sensors

    Mopping robots are equipped with many sensors to help you find your way around your home and navigate. They won't get lost mopping or damage your furniture.

    Pure mopping robots like the ZACO W450 have precise 360° PanoView camera navigation with gyroscope sensors. This is how the floor cleaning robot finds its way through your home the smart way.

    3.3 Collision avoidance and fall protection

    Additional sensors (anti-shock / fall protection, infrared (OBS)) protect your furniture from possible damage from touches and collisions. These sensors are also used to avoid obstacles and collisions, carpet avoidance, etc.

    3.4 Simple control with remote, app or voice command

    You can control your mopping robot the way you like it best. There are many convenient options:

    Of course, you can control your mopping robot directly using push buttons on the mopping robot. Nothing needs to be programmed for this, just start and the robot will drive and mop your floors until it is switched off again.

    Operation with a remote control is also possible. In this way, many additional settings can be made comfortably from the sofa.

    The pure mopping robot ZACO W450 can also be conveniently operated via the "ZACOHome" app and integrated into the smart home. Even more cleaning cycles and individual cleaning plans can be adjusted via the app.

    In addition to app control, voice commands provide even more convenience. Modern floor cleaning robots are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

    3.5 What is the advantage of pure mopping robots?

    Pure mopping robots are becoming increasingly rare. Combined vacuum and mopping robots that vacuum and mop at the same time are much more common on the market.

    The type of robot vacuum you choose should depend on the floor type in your home:

    If your apartment or house has both hard floors (laminate, parquet or tiles) and carpets, a combined vacuuming and mopping robot model might be beneficial.

    If you have only hard floors, a pure mopping robot can often be the better choice. A big advantage, as with the W450, is separate tanks for fresh water and dirty water. So the floor is always hygienically cleaned with fresh water.

    4. Buy a floor mopping robot: which one is the best?

    The "best mopping robot" is the one that best suits your needs and your home. You should therefore pay attention to a few criteria when buying a mopping robot and ask yourself what you value most:

    4.1 Robot mop, robot vacuum or vacuuming and mopping robot?

    This question can only be answered individually with your requirements and wishes for the robot. If you only need a robot that vacuums dust and crumbs in everyday life, a robot vacuum without a mopping function would probably be the best option the best choice.

    If you have both hard floors and carpets in your home, a robot vacuum with mopping function ( vacuuming and mopping robot) can be a good option. So you can mop your floors and have your carpets vacuumed at the same time. You can often also thoroughly remove stubborn dirt by mopping.

    With only hard floors in the area to be cleaned, a pure mopping robot is often recommended. With additional features such as separate tanks for fresh water and dirty water and a spot cleaning function, hygienic and thorough cleaning is guaranteed.

    4.2 Battery life or cleaning time

    Especially in larger apartments, attention should be paid to a sufficiently long battery life or cleaning time.

    The ZACO W450 offers a battery life of 80 minutes, so that even large apartments can be mopped without any problems which he can handle up to 60 square meters of cleaning area.

    Particularly practical: It automatically returns to its charging station as soon as the battery charge level falls below a certain value. So your mopping robot is always ready for use and you don't have to worry about charging the batteries.

    4.3 Carpet detection is a must

    An important feature of modern floor mopping robots is carpet recognition. What is usually only used for vacuum robots to adjust the suction power is essential for mopping robots. Thanks to their sensors, modern mopping robots can safely detect and avoid carpets. So carpets stay dry and hard floors can be thoroughly cleaned.

    4.4 Useful for allergy sufferers

    Especially allergy sufferers benefit from mopping robots. While pure vacuum robots collect pollen, pet hair and dust, they sometimes release them back into the air despite their filter. Mopping robots offer a more thorough cleaning.

    By mopping, allergens are safely absorbed, bound in the water tank and can be easily disposed of. Therefore, mopping robots are ideal for allergy sufferers and you have peace of mind.

    4.5 Value for money

    Good mopping robots don't have to be expensive and cost - if at all - not much more than a good conventional vacuum cleaner. In return, they relieve you of tiresome household chores and are therefore a worthwhile investment in your free time.

    Our ZACO mopping robot ZACO W450 offers hygienic cleanliness for a price well under 400 euros thanks to separate water tanks and modern technology.

    5. Cleaning your mopping robot

    You should clean your ZACO mopping robot regularly so that your floors are permanently and hygienically freshly cleaned. You would also do this with a household vacuum cleaner and and it is advisable at certain intervals:

    • Water tank: After each use
    • Roller brush / main brush: Once a week
    • Suction shaft: Once a week
    • Fan output: Once a week
    • Front wheel: Once a week

    Cleaning the individual parts of your robotic floor mop is quick and easy:

    Cleaning the water tank

    • Remove water tank and empty contents
    • Fill the dirt water tank with clean water and shake carefully
    • Then empty and allow to dry with the plug open

    Cleaning the roller brush / main brush

    • Remove the water tank and remove the roller brush
    • Remove all coarse dirt from the roller brush
    • Rinse the roller brush under clean water and then allow to dry
    • Clean the fixed squeegee (do not remove)

    Cleaning the filter / fan output

    • Remove filter and rinse with clean water
    • Press the locking button for air outlet and rinse both openings with clean water
    • Empty dirt water tank

    Clean metal charging contacts

    • Clean the charging contacts carefully clean with a dry, clean cloth

    Clean the front wheel

    • Remove front wheel and clean carefully with a dry, clean cloth

    Finally, simply put all the cleaned parts back into your mopping robot and your robot can get back to work.

    6. FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about our ZACO mopping robots

    Do ZACO mopping robots recognize objects and obstacles as well as carpets?

    Yes, ZACO robotic mops are equipped with sensitive sensors so that they reliably detect objects and obstacles and avoid them independently. This also includes avoiding carpets, so that only the floors are ever mopped and your carpets stay dry.

    Are there accessories for ZACO mopping robot?

    Yes, there are various accessories for your ZACO robotic mop. These include, for example, a replacement battery, replacement power supply unit and original ZACO cleaning agents. You can also extend the warranty of your mopping robot. With this accessory, the service life of your mopping robot is extended and it always maintains its optimal cleaning performance.

    Which cleaning agent for mopping robots?

    We recommend our original for optimal and hygienic cleaning of your floors ZACO cleaning agent for mopping robots. This is a rich concentrate with a fresh lemon scent.

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