Vacuuming and mopping robot

    Don't feel like vacuuming and mopping? Then discover our intelligent ZACO vacuuming and mopping robots. Our combined vacuum robots with mopping function relieve you of tedious work and reliably clean hard floors and carpets. Powerful suction, streak-free mopping and efficient filters are ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers. With great price-performance ratio!

    Robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function - smart vacuuming and mopping in your home

    Would you like to learn more about vacuuming and mopping robots? We'll explain everything you need to know about these practical little household helpers and what you should look out for when buying one.

    1. What is a vacuuming and mopping robot?
    2. What are the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners with mopping function?
    3. How do vacuuming and mopping robots work?
      1. 3.1 Vacuuming and mopping
      2. 3.2 Navigation and sensors
      3. 3.3 Collision avoidance and fall protection
      4. 3.4 Simple contols
      5. 3.5 Special feature: vibrating mopping module
    4. Buy a vacuuming and mopping robot: Which one is the best?
      1. 4.1 Carpet, hard floors or both
      2. 4.2 Lots of pet hair
      3. 4.3 HEPA filter for allergy sufferers
      4. 4.4 Battery life or cleaning time
      5. 4.5 Last but not least: the price
    5. The maintenance of your robot vacuum cleaner
    6. FAQ: the most frequently asked questions about our ZACO vacuuming and mopping robots

    1. What is a vacuuming and mopping robot?

    A vacuuming and mopping robot is usually a circular cleaning robot. Unlike a pure vacuuming robot, it can not only vacuum the floors and carpets in your entire apartment, but also mop your hard floors. This way, it relieves you of tedious housework and you have more free time.

    2. What are the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners with mopping function?

    Robot vacuums with mopping function can do everyday household chores for you, vacuuming and mopping your home so you have more time for other things. Their small size allows them to get under low furniture like sofas and other places that are otherwise difficult to reach.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Effective vacuuming: carpets and short pile carpets
    • Streak-free mopping: hard floors, laminate, parquet and tiles
    • Low height: clean easily under furniture and hard-to-reach places
    • Many setting options: features like different cleaning modes, cleaning schedules and timers, no-go zones and Invisible Wall
    • Automatic charging: automatically return to the charging station for charging
    • Easy operation: directly through the device, via remote control, app or voice command (Alexa & Google Home)
    • You have more time for yourself - no annoying house cleaning!

    Modern vacuuming and mopping robots don't just vacuum and mop the floor, they are full of modern technology. You can program different cleaning schedules, set up no-go zones, or set up invisible walls.

    Or you can simply switch your robot on and off, if such functions are too complex or complicated for you.

    3. How do vacuum mopping robots work?

    To explain the functionality and convenience features of robotic vacuums in more detail, we have summarized some important features for you here.

    3.1 Vacuuming and mopping

    Unlike pure vacuuming robots, vacuuming and mopping robots can do both - mopping and vacuuming. Since they are equipped with a mopping function, they can thoroughly clean both hard floors and carpets. For this, they not only have a convincingly high suction power, but also have an additional water tank. With the mop water on board, they can also remove dried or sticky stains well. With some robots, you can also set the amount of water to be used.

    3.2 Navigation and sensors

    To find their way around your home, robotic vacuum cleaners have various sensors. Depending on the model, this can be adaptive navigation, gyroscope + camera or laser navigation. With many devices, they enable programming of cleaning schedules, no-go areas etc.

    3.3 Collision avoidance and fall protection

    Additional sensors protect your furniture from possible damage due to contact and collisions. In addition to fall protection sensors (cliff sensors), this also includes sensors for obstacle and collision avoidance, carpet avoidance, etc.

    3.4 Simple controls

    The control of a vacuuming and mopping robot is conveniently possible in various ways:

    If you don't want to spend a lot of time with further options, you can simply switch the robot on and off via a push button directly on the device As long as it is switched on, it will automatically drive through your four walls and clean the floor.

    It can also be controlled via a remote control. The mopping and vacuuming robot can be controlled and programmed especially conveniently via app or voice control with Alexa & Google Home.

    This way, you can adjust cleaning periods and cleaning schedules exactly to your needs.

    3.5 Special feature: Vibrating mopping module

    A practical feature of some ZACO robot vacuums with mopping function is the vibrating mopping tank. This allows them to remove even very sticky stains and stubborn dirt.

    4. Buy a vacuuming and mopping robot: Which is the best?

    It's anything but easy to give a general answer. The best vacuum-mopping robot is the one that fits your home as closely as possible and meets your requirements. You should therefore pay attention to some important criteria when buying:

    4.1 Carpet, hard floors or both

    A vacuum-mopping robot makes sense especially if you have both hard floors such as tiles, parquet, etc. and carpets in your home. A combined vacuuming and mopping robot can adequately clean all types of floors and remove dust and dirt in the best possible way.

    If, on the other hand, you only have hard floors or only carpets, a pure vacuuming robot or pure mopping robot might be the right choice for you.

    4.2 Lots of pet hair

    Pets are valued roommates, but their fur can be found all over the apartment. If you have a lot of pet hair in your apartment, it might make sense to get a vacuuming and mopping robot that is especially equipped for this.

    In general, almost every model is suitable for this purpose, but some models such as the ZACO A9s, ZACO A9sPro or also the ZACO V6 are convincing here with their design optimized for this task.

    4.3 HEPA filter for allergy sufferers

    Even if the absolute numbers fluctuate: millions of people suffer from allergies that partially restricts them in their daily lives. Are you one of them? Then you should make sure that your vacuuming and mopping robot is equipped with a good filter.

    HEPA filters are particularly recommended for allergy sufferers. HEPA stands for High Efficient Particulate Air (filter), which means High Efficiency Particulate Filter (also known as HEPA filter).

    Depending on their efficiency, these filters guarantee that they filter a certain minimum amount of suspended particles from the exhaust air of your robot vacuum cleaner and mop.

    HEPA 13 filters, for example, are guaranteed to filter at least 99.95% of dusts, aerosols, etc. from the exhaust air.

    HEPA 14 filters already filter at least 99.995% of all suspended particles.

    But not only the HEPA class of a filter is decisive. For example, filters connected in series can additionally increase the performance. Thus, significantly fewer allergenic particles are stirred up, the breathing air remains cleaner and you have peace from allergies.

    4.4 Battery life or cleaning time

    A sufficiently long battery life or precise cleaning time of the lithium-ion battery is important. If your home consists of only one or two rooms, any robot is suitable.

    If, on the other hand, you want your vacuum robot with wiping function to clean many rooms at shorter intervals, you should choose a model that has a sufficiently long cleaning time.

    Practical: Many robots automatically return to their charging station as soon as the battery charge level drops below a certain value. This way, the vacuuming and mopping robot is always ready for use and you don't have to worry about charging the batteries.

    4.5 Last but not least: The price

    Of course, the price is also an important criterion when buying a vacuuming and mopping robot. Simpler models like the ZACO V5s Pro or already somewhat older models are of course cheaper than the latest robots with a greater range of functions.

    However, new models with the best features are also available for under 500 Euros at affordable prices and a very good price-performance ratio.

    So if you decide to buy a vacuuming and mopping robot, consider beforehand which functions are important to you and whether the robot fulfills them.

    5. The maintenance of your robot vacuum cleaner

    To ensure that your ZACO vacuuming and mopping robot vacuums and mops your floors thoroughly over the long term, you should clean it regularly. This is not difficult and can be done quickly. After the robot has finished cleaning, simply

    • Remove main brush and side brushes and clean with a clean cloth or cleaning brush
    • Remove the dust bin and clean it with the cleaning brush
    • Remove filter and tap out collected dust into a trash can
    • Remove mop from water tank, rinse under water and allow to dry
    • Remove water tank, pour out remaining water and allow tank to dry with rubber cap open
    • Carefully clean drop sensors and charging pins with a dry cloth to maintain their sensitivity

    Finally, simply reinsert all cleaned parts into your robot vacuum and mop and your robot can get back to work.

    6. FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about our ZACO vacuuming and mopping robots

    Which is the best ZACO robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping function?

    The best robot is the one that best suits your needs and the requirements of your home. You can find a summary of what you should look for when buying a vacuuming and mopping robot in: "4. Buy a vacuuming and mopping robot: Which one is the best?"

    For whom is a vacuum mopping robot worthwhile?

    In principle, a vacuum-mopping robot is worthwhile for anyone who wants to have the tedious work of vacuuming and mopping floors in the home taken away from them. This gives you more time for things that are fun.

    How much does a good ZACO robot vacuum and mop cost?

    A good vacuum robot with mopping function does not have to cost a lot of money. Good and inexpensive entry-level models are already available for around 200 euros. And even new models at a high technical level and with many extras and accessories cost less than 500 euros.

    Are vacuum mopping robots suitable for carpets?

    Yes, vacuum-mop robots can clean both hard floors and carpets. They are generally subject to the same restrictions as other vacuum cleaners and are particularly suitable for short pile carpets and rugs.

    Which cleaning agent do I need for my vacuuming and mopping robot?

    Of course, your robot can also clean your hard floors with normal tap water only. However, if you want to increase the cleaning performance, we recommend the ZACO cleaning agent for robotic mops.