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Whether vacuuming, mopping or both at the same time - we have something for everyone!

Vacuuming and mopping robot mopping robot

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I have been able to test it extensively so far and am super satisfied. The robot vacuums reliably and I find the cleaning timer especially great. With the timer, the robot drives around the house every day alone and when we come home everything is clean.

Kay Kristina Sewerin



Great for those who have allergies. It's fast and efficient and great that you have a remote control. It's awesome that it can also mop. I really save a lot of time.

Melania Glodeanu



It arrived yesterday and was already in use today !

We are totally thrilled !

Karolina Daibert



I am still very pleased. The vacuuming and especially the mopping function make everyday life easier for me.

Kitty Mathiszik



The robot is a great relief. I save a lot of time thanks to it and I can spend more time with my children.

Ebru Babagür



In fact, I am very satisfied and must say it vacuums and mops very well. It follows its paths precisely and well planned. Which is often a problem with many other robots.

Tina Koch


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