ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot
ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot

ZACO V6 vacuuming and mopping robot

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The ZACO V6 is a slim and quiet vacuum robot that can vacuum and mop at the same time. It can be flexibly switched between dust bin or dust bags. The disposal of the collected dirt becomes particularly hygienic through the use of the dust bags (allergy-friendly). The V6 is especially suited for vacuuming hair and coarse dirt due to its powerful direct suction port - ideal for pet owners. Operation is particularly easy via the app, SmartHome voice control, remote or manual control via the display of the V6.
Please note that the robot only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

  • Vacuuming and mopping at the same time
  • Ideal for pet owners - powerful direct suction up to 2,000 Pa
  • Optional XXL dust bag (allergy friendly)
  • Suction power, water volume and other setting options via app
  • Spill protection (iDropping technology) enables mopping even on parquet floors
  • Ultra-slim (only 7.6 cm) and especially quiet (65 dB)



Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping reduces cleaning time and reliably removes both fine and coarse dirt.
The water tank can be optionally attached and detached with just one click. Thus, the V6 is suitable for hard floors, carpets, as well as parquet due to the spill protection (iDropping technology) and water control.

With the precise i-Move zone navigation, the floor is cleaned lane by lane. In addition, the InvisibleWall transmitter can be used to separate rooms and exclude areas where the V6 should not clean (no-go zones).



Especially for apartments with hairy roommates, such as pets, the ZACO V6 is made for! With the strong suction power of up to 2,000 Pa and the powerful direct suction port, no hair can get tangled in a brush and no speck of dust can escape the V6.

It can be flexibly chosen between the XL dust bin (600ml) and the XXL dust bag (1,000ml). With the dust bags, emptying is particularly fast and hygienic and is therefore especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

Dust bags can be reordered in packs of 8.


Effortless and uncomplicated use - this is a given with the ZACO V6. Start and control the robot at the touch of a button with the remote control or directly on the touch display of the V6. Even on the go or from the sofa, the V6 starts cleaning with just one tap in the ZACOHome app. You want the V6 to vacuum and mop your apartment every Monday at 10 am? Simply set a weekly cleaning schedule in the app. In addition, individual settings can be made for suction power, water volume, side brush speed and more.

Tip: Give your V6 a name, call it via SmartHome control (Alexa, Google Home) and start the cleaning cycle.

Technical data

Colour Passion Rose
Diameter 31cm
Height 7,6cm
Weight 2,3kg
Dust bin volume 600ml
Dust bag volume 1000ml
Water tank volumen 50ml
Navigation/ sensors Gyroscope, cliff sensors, infrared (OBS)
Volume 65 dB
Filters Cellular filter, fine particle filter
Brushes 2 easy-click side brushes
Cleaning programmes Auto mode, Spot mode, Edge mode, MAX mode, Timer function
Battery power 2400mAh
Charging time 250-350 minutes
App compatible with the "ZACOHome" app
Voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Compatible with InvisibleWall yes
Special features Pet specialist, mopping function, app control, hard floor professional, charging station, automatic/ manual charging, remote control, Alexa / Google Home voice control
Scope of delivery ZACO V6, charging station, charger, remote control (incl. 2 AAA batteries), 600ml XL dust bin (in the unit), 2 optional 1000ml XXL dust bags, water tank (50 ml), InvisibleWall transmitter, easy-click side brushes, 2 additional side brushes, additional fine particle filter, cleaning tool, manual (DE,EN,IT,FR,ES)

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