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Exclusively a total of 5 years warranty on ZACO suction & mopping robots.

In addition to the statutory warranty, a warranty is granted exclusively on the vacuuming and
robotic vacuum cleaners and wipers in accordance with the following provisions:

(1) The warranty period is 5 years from the date of purchase and is valid for sales in
Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. The date of purchase must be proven by the invoice in the event of a warranty claim.

(2) During the warranty period, defects that occur as a result of material or manufacturing
manufacturing defects that occur in the following components will be repaired free of charge:
a. Suction motor
b. Side brush motor
c. Drive
d. Sensors
e. Main board

(3) Excluded from the warranty are:
a. Loss of functionality due to force majeure.
b. All damage caused by improper handling, e.g. due to
non-compliance with the operating instructions.
c. Damage resulting from repair or tampering by the buyer or unauthorised
unauthorised third parties.
d. Transport damage that occurred on the way from the dealer to the consumer or during
or during shipment to the service centre.
e. Accessories that are subject to normal wear and tear, e.g. brushes, filters,
f. Battery
g. Scratches and other external damage that does not impair use.
impair use

(4) The supplier or a third party commissioned by the
(4) The supplier or a third party commissioned by the supplier is responsible for the inspection and processing of the warranty.

(5) The guarantee shall be provided by repair, i.e. at the supplier's discretion
by repair or replacement of parts. If repair is impossible or uneconomical
uneconomical, the supplier shall exchange the device for an equivalent replacement device.
exchange device.

(6) Warranty services rendered shall neither cause an extension of the warranty period
nor shall they trigger a new warranty.

(7) Further or other claims are not justified by this guarantee.
justified. Liability for direct or indirect consequential damage caused by the device is
caused by the device are excluded, even if the damage to the device is
is recognised as a warranty case.

(8) The guarantee expires if the serial number has been removed or made illegible.
illegible. The guarantee is also invalidated if the defect is not reported immediately.
is not reported immediately. 

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