ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner
ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner

ZACO A4s robot vacuum cleaner

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The ZACO A4s is suitable for both hard floors and carpet. Thanks to the rotating main brush with double V-shaped bristles, the A4s removes dust from carpets particularly thoroughly and enables efficient deep cleaning. It is also equipped with an extra-large dust bin, which means that it needs to be emptied less often. This makes the ZACO A4s perfectly suited for large living spaces!

The operation of the vacuum robot is particularly simple: By pressing the start button on the robot or the remote control, the A4s begins directly with the efficient cleaning.

For allergy sufferers: The fine particle filter filters out even mite excrement and fine dust and thus ensures extra fresh air.

  • The carpet professional - ideal for short pile carpets and rugs
  • Systematic navigation with gyro sensor
  • MiniRoom mode: power saving mode for small rooms
  • Different cleaning modes: Auto, Spot, Edge, MAX
  • Scheduled cleaning via timer
  • Allergy-friendly 3-fold filtering of the exhaust air
  • Staircase fall protection via sensor
  • WEEE: DE51801292
SKU 501730
EAN 4260522140011
Color Titan Grey
Diameter 31cm
Height 7,6cm
Weight 2,2kg
Dust bin volume 450ml
Navigation/ sensors gyroscope, anti-shock sensor, cliff sensors, infrared (OBS)
Volume max. 65 dB
Filter primary filter, fine dust filter, dust particle filter
Brushes 2 side brushes, V-bristle brush
Cleaning programmes auto mode, spot mode, edge mode, MAX mode, timer function
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Battery life 140 Minuten
Charging time 250-350 Minuten
App no
Voice control no
Compatible with Invisible Wall transmitter no
Special features Charging station, automatic/manual charging, remote control, no cable entanglement
Scope of delivery ZACO A4s vacuuming robot, charging station, charger, remote control (incl. batteries), dust bin 450ml (in the device), V-bristle brush (in the device), additional fine particle filter, 2 additional side brushes, cleaning tool, manual (DE,EN,IT,FR,ES)
Carpet deep cleaning

The powerful Nidec BLDC CyclonePower Gen 1 motor installed in the A4s generates high suction power that draws out dust and crumbs even from the interstices of carpet fibers. This is aided by the cleaning brush's double V-shaped brush hairs, which comb through carpets with each rotation to reach deeper dirt between carpet fibers.

Hard floors also benefit from the fine bristles the dust and even splinters are reliably sucked up.


The MiniRoom mode of the ZACO A4 is a power-saving quick function for in between. The special software makes it possible to clean small rooms even more efficiently without wasting energy unnecessarily.

The charging station is automatically triggered when the battery power is running low or when it finishes its cleaning independently in Miniroom mode.


Distance and fall protection sensors protect your furnishings from scratches and serve as orientation for the A4s. As soon as the robot detects a precipice such as a staircase, it navigates along the edge and thus prevents it from falling down.
This means that not everything in the house has to be adjusted to the robot vacuum cleaner, but the robot always adapts to the current daily situation.


The ZACO A4s is particularly lightweight and can therefore be transported without any problems. This is a big plus when cleaning is to be carried out on several floors or premises.

This makes the A4s suitable even if you can't or aren't allowed to carry heavy weights. Emptying the dust tank thus becomes convenient and pleasant even in an elevated place.